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    Hi! This is the photography and lifestyle blog of Sheena Bean of Photography In the Light. I am a lifestyle photographer based in Kauai, Hawaii. I moved here with my family in January of 2015. My husband is the youth pastor at Lihue Missionary Church and we are raising three little world changers, Noakea, Banyan, and Avenlea Wren. This is His story, our story, and little snippets of life on a 562 square mile rock in the middle of the Pacific.

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Eastern North Carolina Photographer {Families: The Whipples a.k.a. coolwhipfam}

I love shooting on-location.  While there are many benefits to having a studio (lighting control, no weather dependency, easy access to props), I love the challenge of showing up to a new location, figuring out the best place to shoot, and working with the lighting.  It may be a bit more difficult, but the payoff is so worth it.  Every time I get to test out a new location, I start envisioning all the things I could do with the situation at hand.  New environments mean new inspiration and it keeps things from getting repetitive.  I have shot well over 100 family session in last 4 years, but just the simple fact that I get to use new locations makes each session seem like a new experience.

For this session, the incredible Whipple family brought me to their family plot of land that has been theirs for generations.  A gorgeous tract of riverfront acreage with sweeping river views and stately pine trees make this location another favorite I will have to add to my file.

Our family met this awesome group in a total “God” way, and they have fast become some of our nearest and dearest.  In short, my mom called us one evening and said, “You guys have to meet this family I just met at church!  They are missionaries with dreams of sharing Christ’s love on a sailboat.  Here’s their number!”  It was one of those times where Austin and I just looked at each other and laughed at the absurdity of the whole thing.  After getting over the awkward fact that we were just going to be calling up total strangers and asking them to dinner, we dialed their number, and the rest is history.

Over the last 9 months we have gotten to know this crazy awesome family, we have been so blessed by their encouragement, friendship, and heart for God.  As we spend time dreaming, praying, and planning together, I feel so confident that their dreams and our own will someday and somehow collide and I can’t wait to see how God orchestrates our futures!





I try to avoid being on this side of the camera, but i’d be amiss if i didn’t take the chance to get a shot with this amazing mamma.

In case you couldn’t tell, they really love each other.  Like, a lot.

“Happy Day Hands!!”

This is what happens when you tell a toddler that Dora lives in the camera lens.

September 25, 2013 - 7:43 pm

Gretchen Stephens - Absolutely georgous photos of a beautiful family. Wow!

September 30, 2013 - 10:30 am

Carl Whipple - Loved it all. Grandpa

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